Currently there is a lack of knowledge in society about supplements and at the same time there is a widespread behavior amongst those who train to eat these supplements. We now know that as much as 20-25% of supplements contains doping classed substances, without it being listed on the label. Fabege now wants to contribute to an increase in the level of knowledge amongst the Solna students and in extension an avoidance of unintentional doping.

Fabege takes an active part in trying to build a better society in Stockholm and has an outspoken ambition to promote wellbeing amongst its employees. Thanks to the collaboration with Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation and Pure For Sure, Fabege now have the opportunity to sponsor an educational program directed at youths attending school in the Solna municipality. Hopefully the course will be incorporated as a regular part of the curriculum in physical education.

Doping is not only a big problem within sports. The use of doping is increasing rapidly amongst gymgoers, youths and others that are looking to artificially boost their performance, become more attractive or sharpen their focus. The substances are used to build muscles, lose weight or to beable to perform better at work or in school

The doping is easily accessible online, and they are currently also being spread through supplements in regular stores all across the country. An inadequate control over manufacturing and contents makes it possible for those taking supplements to ingest doping classed substances without even knowing it as what is listed on the label isn’t necessarily what is actually in the container.

– We want to see a sustainable society and the health and wellbeing of our kids and youths is an integral part of that. Our collaboration with the schools of Solna have been going on for years in different forms and we hope that many of them wants to join this initiative, says Elisabet Olin, Head of Communications at Fabege.

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