Together in the fight against doping

The Advisory Board consists of representatives from the highest level of sports (Carolina Klüft, Sebastian Samuelsson and Erica Johansson), Pure for Sure, The Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Swedish Anti-Doping Organization, Prodis and the business world as well as representatives from GIH and the University of Gävle that conducts scientific research within this field of study.

I have been very engaged in the doping issue within sports, but over time also been made aware of the public health issue. As they are two side of the same coin. If we can eliminate doping in society then we also eliminate it from sports.

Sebastian Samuelsson Olympic Gold Medalist in Biathlon

Through the Pure For Sure Advisory Board we want to create dialogue and collaboration between the different actors working with these issues, collate the latest knowledge and use this experience to lobby for and bring about improvements in public health.

I wanted to bring together the forces that are working with the same purpose in mind. The idea is to get a better overview as to what different actors are doing and how they conduct their work. I think that we can create substantial synergies, better use the means available and find new solutions to what has now become a public health issue.

Arne Ljungqvist Chairman of the Board Professor Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation