In conjunction with Arne Ljungqvist’s 90th birthday on the 23rd of April 2021, we are welcoming donations with the aim of establishing a Professorship in Anti-doping and Public Health at Karolinska Institutet. Please see details for Swish below.

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The UNs global goal for Good Health and Well-being dictates that good health is a fundamental condition for people’s ability to reach their full potential and to contribute to a better society. Investing in health through preemptive action creates the right conditions for people’s fundamental rights and the right to wellbeing to be met.

Our movement Pure For Sure wants to contribute by making sure that everyone who wants to invest in their own health through physical activity and healthy eating can make informed choices as to what goes into their bodies. We want everyone to know that doping today is more prevalent outside of elite sports and that it together with the unintentional doping is a public health issue.

Many are already aware that doping has a number of negative side effects. But what few people realize is that the market for supplements is largely unsupervised and that some products might contain both doping and pharmaceutically classed substances. A combination that might have dangerous consequences for those who choose to take supplements.

By partnering with us you will help us reach even more people and spread this important information. Are you interested in becoming a partner and would like to learn more? Please contact

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Our Partners

ATG has a long history of working against doping within horse racing and now that we also offer sports betting, it feels only natural to build on that tradition and apply what we know in this new area. As part of those efforts we have decided to support and partner with Pure For Sure.

Maria Guggenberger Head of CSR, ATG

We want to support Pure For Sure in their important work of educating and informing about the dangers of doping and the risks associated with poorly controlled supplements. We know that a lot of people that start training today choose to take supplements and we want everyone to know the risks involved so that they can make informed decisions.

Elisabet Olin Head of Communications, Fabege