Doping and unintentional doping is a social problem

Pure For Sure is an initiative that has been developed by Professor Arne Ljungqvist, one of the world’s foremost experts in anti-doping. Doping in Sweden today is not just a sports related issue, but something that is also taking place within the gym and gang cultures. There are unfortunately no exact numbers available as the unrecorded instances might be high, but experts estimate that tens of thousands of Swedes take anabolic steroids every year.

Aside from those who choose to take anabolic steroids there is also another group that risks being exposed to what we call unintentional doping. That means that these people risk getting doping or medical substances into their bodies through supplements, since the control of these products is currently very inadequate. Today there is no permit required to produce and sell supplements. Even though the Swedish Food Association has the overall responsibility, the control and follow up falls to each individual municipality. Unfortunately, that control is not a priority and the coordination between municipalities is insufficient.

Those who take supplements are therefore at risk of also taking substances with difficult side effects, that could lead to diseases or that could make them fail a drug test should they enter competitive sports. We think that the large increase in the sales of supplements is concerning and we want to educate, inform, lobby and raise awareness about these issues.

Pure For Sure develop courses, hold lectures, coordinate activities amongst organizations that promotes anti-doping, educate ambassadors and advise organizations, corporations, sports clubs and others that has an interest in health and wellbeing.

The increased usage of doping in society today is a big problem, not in the least amongst young people. Arvsfonden is therefore proud to support Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation in this important work, so that this information and knowledge reaches our youths and in turn can lead to a decrease in the usage of both doping and supplements.

Susann Arnehed Arvsfonden

Our mission:

We want everyone to be aware of the risks associated with doping and unintentional doping through inadequately controlled supplements so that everyone interested in health, wellbeing, training and nutrition can make healthy and informed choices about what to put into the body. goes into their bodies.

Our vision:

We want everyone to be a 100% sure that they are not unintentionally using doping and that no one knowingly should choose to risk their health and wellbeing by using doping.