Learn more and help us in the fight against doping

We have initiated an ambassadorship where we recruit people interested in learning more about the subject and in helping us spread this important information. Today we have a large number of ambassadors spread across Sweden, and we are constantly looking for more people that wants to join the fight against doping!

To become an ambassador you will first complete a digital course where you will get more information and knowledge about doping and the problems associated with supplements, what happens inside the body and the brain when taking different substances, how societal ideals affect us and which rules and regulations that apply for both athletes and the general public.

After having completed the course each ambassador will lead their own discussion with a group of their own choosing, for example a sports team, a class, a group of friends or maybe the members of the local gym. Information and questions to be discussed in these sessions will be provided by us.

As an ambassador you will get:

  • Access to our inspiration material
  • Access to our course
  • Updates about the latest research

As an ambassador you will:

  • Host a discussion about doping with a group of your choosing
  • Recruit 1-2 new ambassadors

    Yes, I’m interested in becoming an ambassador

    To become an ambassador and be able to continue the great work of Professor Arne Ljungqvist in the fight against doping within sports and in all of society is a great honor and I hope that more people will get engaged and help spread this message.

    Dino Ilecic