Digital courses on doping and unintentional doping

The knowledge about doping and unintentional doping is low amongst the general public, despite it being a serious public health issue. We offer digital courses in Swedish and English developed for different target groups, in order to raise awareness and the level of knowledge about these issues.

Dopning is a public health issue

Doping is no longer a primarily sports related issue, but a public health issue. Those who intentionally use doping are mostly associated with gyms or gang culture, and experts estimates that tens of thousands of Swedes use anabolic steroids each year.

In addition to that, people who use certain kinds of supplements are at risk of unintentional doping. The use of supplements has increased rapidly since the year 2000 and despite the widespread use, few people are aware that some of those supplements may contain other substances than what is listed as ingredients.

Through our courses we want to inform about the risks, spread knowledge about what you need to consider and make it possible for everyone to make a healthy and informed choice about what goes into their bodies.

To be a school, sports club or business that chooses to inform and educate about the dangers with doping and risks associated with supplements, is to make an important and sustainable investment in health and wellbeing on both an individual level and for the organization as a whole.

Our courses have been developed together with leading experts