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    Doping, Health and societal ideals

    What is doping and who needs supplements?

    A course that brings up the overarching questions surrounding the problems with doping and unintentional doping trough supplements, the better alternatives when it comes to eating healthy, and the laws and regulations that apply. The materials consist of digital coursework, short films and discussion and reflection exercises.


    A course that goes into detail about what doping and unintentional doping is, what the side effects are, happens inside your body  how societal ideals shape our views and which rules and regulations apply for both athletes and the general public. The materials consist of digital coursework, short films and discussion and reflection exercises

    The course  is part of our Arvsfonden project “Dissa Steroider”, which also includes a drama documentary  called “Bola – just one click away”. The film is based on a true story about a 17-year-old high school student that gets peer pressured by his friends into using doping to get a “better” body and the consequences of that decision. The story is also available in a shorter version where experts comments and explains what happens throughout the film. The both films are available in Swedish only.

    Available course material:

    • Digital course with associated exercises and teaching guidance material
    • A drama documentary of 30 min ( available in Swedish only)
    • A shorter version of 15 min with expert’s commentary (available in Swedish only)

    We want to give our student athletes the best opportunities possible when it comes to taking responsibility for what they put into their bodies. The collaboration with Pure For Sure gives us a pedagogical tool to provide the understanding that is needed and create a change in attitude towards the risks associated with supplements and doping.

    Henric Lilja Prolympia