Skandias foundation has chosen to continue their support of Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation and the new informational and educational initiative Pure For Sure. The collaboration with Pure For Sure is a part of Skandia’s efforts to create a safer and healthier society. The funds provided by Skandia will be used to raise awareness about the risks associated with supplements, through educational program for children attending junior high.

Pure For Sure develops inspiring and proactive educational programs for better health and clean sports, developed specifically for kids in school or that belongs to sports clubs as well as for adults that train at gyms as well as for entire companies. Skandias foundation Idéer för Livet contributes with important resources and as well as knowledge and experience of preemptive actions when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Skandias Idéer för Livet support projects that makes a real difference for kids and youths. Pure For Sure’s is a good example as it promotes both health and safety. Through this collaboration Idéer för Livet wants to help increase the knowledge of what is and inspire to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, says Stina Liljekvist, Chairman of Skandias foundation Idéer För Livet.

Since 2011 Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation runs a number of information initiatives to raise the general knowledge about doping within society at large. With purpose of drawing attention to both the usage and the risks that comes with it.

– We are very proud of the support we are getting from Skandias foundation Idéer För Livet and we see them as an important partner in being able to reach large groups of youths with our message. The use of doping is increasing at an alarming rate amongst both youths and regular gymgoers. It is easily accessible online and there is also the chance that it might be found in inadequately controlled supplements. We are therefore focusing on the spread of positive information in order to raise awareness so that everyone can make smarter decisions about what we put into our bodies, says Arne Ljungqvist, Professor and Founder of Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation.