Professor Arne Ljungqvist’s Anti-Doping Foundation and its academy Pure For Sure, partners up with Bonnier Academy to expand its range of digital education services. In February, an education focusing on the risks of dietary supplements and doping is being launched.

The education will focus on doping, dietary supplements and the associated health risks and side effects. The use of doping is increasing outside the world of sports and the knowledge about this matter is low among the public, especially among young adults.

“There is a great ignorance of what the use of doping and certain dietary supplements can lead to”, says Mr. Anders Jonasson, publishing director at Bonnier Academy. “We are very pleased and proud that Professor Arne Ljungqvist’s Anti-Doping Foundation has chosen Bonnier Academy as a partner for this important work. The education will be included in the digital education service aimed at schools and teachers”, says Mr. Jonasson.

The use of doping is a growing public health issue, both deliberate doping but also “unintentional doping” which is the result of a poorly controlled market for dietary supplements. Several studies have shown dietary supplements containing doping preparations and other illegal substances being sold without those substances being mentioned on the table of contents. The dietary supplement market is worth about 5 billion SEK per year in Sweden.

“We are very happy about this partnership and we look forward to keep informing and educating the public about this important matter”, says Christina Lidén, CEO at Professor Arne Ljungqvist Foundation AB.

Pure For Sure is a movement founded by the Professor Arne Ljunqvist Anti-Doping Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit organization and the main focus for Pure For Sure is to raise awareness about doping and unintentional doping through education and other projects.

Bonnier Academy is specialized in digital learning (e-learning) to different professions in healthcare, school, care and business.