ATG has decided to enter into a partnership with Pure For Sure, one of the initiatives being put forth by Professor Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation in order to combat doping and unintentional doping.

– Sports should be free from cheating and all participants should be able to make healthy choices and still stay competitive, for that reason we have decided to support Pure For Sure and the work that they are doing, says Maria Guggenberger, Head of CSR på ATG.

Unintentional doping is growing faster than doping within sports, an insight that drives Pure For Sure in their work to raise awareness about these issues. The market for supplements and protein powders currently has an annual turnover of five billion SEK.

– Having ATG become a Main Partner will enable us to keep expanding our educational efforts targeted at sports clubs, companies and gyms. We also put an extra emphasis on raising awareness about unintentional doping. Many of the supplements that are being marketed and sold as performance enhancing or as weight loss remedies contains doping classed substances without it being listed on the label, says Christina Lidén, CEO at Arne Ljungqvist Anti-Doping Foundation.

ATG sees advantages with bringing their knowledge and network around anti-doping with them to new arenas and to other sports.

– We come from the world of harness racing and gallop sport where there is a lot of effort that goes into the work against doping. There are actually more tests being done on horses within our sports that there is within all ofthe Swedish human sports. And as ATG will now be offering sports betting it feel only natural that we bring what we have learned to these new arenas, says Maria Guggenberger, Head of CSR på ATG.

Pure For Sure is an initiative by Professor Arne Ljungqvist, co-founder of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and one of the world’s foremost expertson anti-doping. Pure For Sure’s consists of, amongst other things, the following areas:

Pure For Sure Academy: digital courses for schools, sports clubs, companies and gyms in order to raise awareness about doping and unintentional doping.

Pure For Sure Advisory Board: where all knowledge from sports and the business world is gather under the same roof.

Pure For Sure Network: where different actors are invited to seminars and gets access to the latest knowledge about supplements, health and wellbeing and can follow what being discussed in this area. The Network will be a strong actor within the public debate and will raise awareness around the issue of unintentional doping.

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